Our Vision and Mission

  *  To provide a better future that will stand on the strong roots of technical professionalism and  social values.

  *  To consistently achieve clients satisfaction by providing all construction related services including design on turnkey basis & assuring timely completion of projects within budget & with excellent quality.

  *  To give the best possible value for every rupee the customers invest in the houses built by us.

From Mentor's desk.

Dear Friends.

Fire must be controlled,otherwise everything in its path is destroyed.Powerful issues like CONSTRUCTIONS are subject to elements that alone cannot create combustion.However once the properties are combined ,restraint is the only means of keeping order.

supports and efforts in promoting public awareness of the danger inherent in different projects taken by us.Personally and professionally,I believe CONSTRUCTIONS of the different Projects is vital for the future of our industry,nation and succeeding generations.I am certain that SHRADDHA PROMOTERS efforts are endorsed just as strongly by others who simply don't have the time to write a note such as this

If there is anything either SHRADDHA  PROMOTERS or I can do in support of the cause,please notify me.Best wishes in the fight,and remember,there are many more people ready to take action.Enough water could eliminate SHRADDHA PROMOTER'S fire and leave only ashes behind

Sincerely yours,

Manas Jena


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